Oysters lemon mignonette  3 each

       Housemade Sourdough + olive oil  4 

       Gluten free bread   5

        Smoked labne /  Hummus  /  Tahini + arissa  /  Hot staff   4

Pickle plate  8


Grilled escarole tahini grains seeds  13

Big salad of cooked and raw seasonal vegetables  14

Ceviche avocado jalapeno scallion cilantro spicy citrus 16

Steak tartar horseradish shallot pecorino  17

Housemade burrata + grilled bread  16

Squid lima beans hummus jalapeno relish  17

Sprouted hummus pita garlic – Jerusalem style  12

Mushroom Soup chicken broth seaweed cabbage grilled bread 15


ravioli wild mushroom sage lemon butter 22

1/2 sasso chicken Israeli couscous zchug 28

fish in flames preserved tomato sage 28

Grass fed butcher cut sourdough charred jalapeño sweet onion (no temp)   16/31

Dry aged Cheeseburger cheddar onion jam pickles jalapeño mayonnaise  17

Chicken Sandwich jalapeno mayonnaise pickled onion cilantro  17


Pa Pie vanilla yogurt 

Brigadero brandy cream candid pecans chocolate 

Flourless chocolate cake cream fraiche 


We source eggs meat poultry & seafood from

local, socially responsible, mostly organic farms and purveyors.