Oysters lemon mignonette  3 each

       Housemade Sourdough + olive oil  4 

Pickles :  jalapeno  daikon  cabbage  olives  5 /10 all

Grilled escarole tahini grains seeds  13

Corn smoked cucumber labne harissa lime  11

Big salad of cooked and raw seasonal vegetables  14

Ceviche avocado jalapeno scallion cilantro  16

Beef carpaccio anchovy sourdough brown butter  16

Charred eggplant tahini tomato soft egg  13

Housemade burrata + grilled bread  16

Spanish mackerel parsnip collard greens meyer lemon butter  16

Squid lima beans hummus jalapeno relish  17

Freekeh  spring onion pistachio jalapeño olga cheese  15

1/2 sasso chicken green garlic watercress herbs  26

Branzino poached radish parsley  26

Grass fed skirt steak maitake roasted garlic lemon 33

Dry aged Cheeseburger cheddar onion jam pickles jalapeño mayonnaise  17

Chicken Sandwich jalapeno mayonnaise pickled onion cilantro  17


We source eggs meat poultry & seafood from

local, socially responsible, mostly organic farms and purveyors.